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 Let McDonald Real Estate take the stress out of running your rental property.

We are the largest property management company in Taranaki and have eight professional managers all around the mountain.

Important steps for a happy rental:

  • Finding suitable tenants: For your rental to be a successful investment the property must have good tenants. Our rental application process is very thorough and includes a full background check. The tenant we find for your property will be fully informed and completely understand the obligations required of renting your property.
  • Looking after your rental: To ensure your rental is treated with respect we have systems in place to constantly monitor and check that the tenant is fulfilling the requirements of the tenancy agreement. These include inspecting the property every 12 weeks and creating a written report of the condition of the property with either video or photographic support. If any maintenance is required it will be acted upon in the appropriate manner.
  • Resolving any issues: Issues although small at the time can become major conflicts if not acted upon. We have the experience and professional support to understand issues when they arise and take actions to remedy them quickly and fairly within the confines of the Residential Tenancy Act.
  • Financial Management: We can manage all expenses on your property including rates, maintenance costs and rent payments. We use an advanced rental management software and record keeping system that ensures your records are accurate and secure.
  • Your responsibility as owner: As owner of the property it is your responsibility to present the property in a condition suitable for habitation according to current property management requirements. These responsibilities include fitting smoke alarms, ensure insulation where needed, keeping the rental in a dry and safe condition and the removal from the property of any potential hazards.

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