Erica Summerfield | Rental Property Manager

Rental Property Manager

Erica Summerfield

Erica Summerfield is our Inglewood Property Manager. Her strength is in understanding that owning an investment property is one of the biggest investments a person can make and that clients rely on her to manage their property professionally. She has great time management skills and attention to detail.

Erica has seen exceptional growth in her portfolio and actively seeks new managements. She has a fantastic record in arrears management, often not having any of her clients in arrears. She is particular with both inspections and maintenance.

Erica enjoys the McDonald Real Estate family values and is committed to the company and her challenging career.


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"Erica was amazing! She has been great to deal with and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is considering getting someone to manage their property."

Linda, Inglewood
June 2013

"Erica has managed a property for me for approximately one year. I have found the management of the property to be professional, informative and helpful."