Award Winning D & L Appliance Services.

188 Parklands Avenue, Bell Block, New Plymouth

Ref No: NPC00182

Price: $275,000 plus Stock at Valuation.

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All set and ready to run and busier than they have ever been!!
This business has been superbly run over the past years and is now in a position to be managed by anyone with good business skills. Appointments, orders, staff and stock control etc are all highly systemised and easy to operate. If running a very successful and profitable business is on your radar then look no further.
D&L Appliance Services was established in 2001. Dave and Leanne Perham, coming from a strong background in the service industry have given the business an advantage with professional customer service skills as well as up to date technical skills.
The business is currently involved in three areas that provide service primarily to the customer sector:
1. Servicing Whiteware Appliances
2. Servicing Heat pumps
3. Hire Appliances
The business is currently involved in three areas that provide primarily to the retail sector:
1. Installation of Heat pumps
2. Sales on new appliances
3. Parts Sales
Each area gives strength to the others but also is independent of them. This creates an overall model of stability going forward where income is derived from each part in a different manner.
The main driver of the business is the servicing where a large data base of customers has been built. This has allowed the development of additional products to be cross sold to these customers where there is an existing relationship.
This is allowing the business to grow and reduce the dependence on any one part of the business as these additional parts have only been added in the last two years there is huge opportunity for growth.
There is a history of strong financial performance and very good lease.

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