Methamphetamine in a Rental

Should you be concerned about Meth contamination in your rental property? Meth contamination has been under the media spotlight in New Zealand for the past couple of years. From the massive costs from decontaminating a home to accusations that meth testing is nothing more than a massive scam. Statistics vary on how widespread meth us is but with some news outlets calling it an epidemic one can assume it’s pretty rife. One site claims 3% of the population has used meth in the past year, that equates to around 138,000 New Zealanders. Meth is highly addictive. It’s not just the effects of Meth that make it so sought after, but how easy it is to access. A Massey University study found that in some places in New Zealand Meth is easier to find than cannabis, and this is especially true in small-town New Zealand. Taranaki isn’t immune to this invasion, with news reports highlighting local arrests for alleged meth production and dealing. Discovering that your rental property has been the site of meth consumption, or meth production, can be an unsettling experience for any landlord. Housing New Zealand has, since May 2018, issued guidelines on meth testing and decontamination where there has been very heavy meth use, or lab activity. In the past it had seemed that even trace levels of meth would require a property to be decontaminated. However, new findings have outlined that there is currently no evidence that “levels typically resulting from third-hand exposure to methamphetamine smoking residues on household surfaces will elicit an adverse health effect.” This has caused Housing New Zealand to modify the levels that trigger the need for decontamination.